Lightweight Case for Protection from Rain, Dust, and Impact

The ProRack™ case is a smooth roto molded case with a 19" wide and 18" deep EIA standard rack.

ProRack™ cases are the ideal option when you need a lightweight, space-efficient, front and rear opening container, but not a shock mounted system. Add accessories such as coupling catches for locking stability, removable casters or extra threaded rack clips to suit your exact needs.

A ProRack™ case is the toughest small case available for basic protection from rain, immersion, dust and impact.

pelican prorack light duty rack mount case



  • 4U, 6U, 8U, 9U, and 14U

G -Rating

  • 80 - 120


  • Up to 75 lbs. (34 kg)

Sway Space

  • No sway space

Base Features

  • Color: Black (032)
  • Zinc Cobalt Black Non-Locking Catch-and-Strike Hardware (HCB)
  • Plastic Comfort Grip Handles
  • Aluminum Rack Frame


  • ProRack™ cases do not have shock mounts. The rack frame is mounted directly to the front opening of the case body. A second frame for the rear opening of the case body can be added as an option.

Shock/Vibration System

ProRack™ cases do not have shock mounts. The rack frame is mounted directly to the case.


  • » Semi-Fragile Medical Equipment
  • » Radios and Amplifiers
  • » Field Deployed Test Equipment


ProRack™ cases are fully configurable and made to order using the list of options.

U Size

Rack Depth



45.7 cm

9.5 kg


45.7 cm

10.8 kg


45.7 cm

12.4 kg


45.7 cm

17.7 kg


45.7 cm

16.5 kg


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