Portable Lighting for Remote Areas and Confined Spaces

Peli´s Remote Area Lighting systems (RALS) bring fully portable, powerful, energy-efficient and rechargeable lighting to remote areas, confined spaces and large workspaces without the use of a generator. These rechargeable LED worklights are self-contained, extremely easy to set up and offer a safe, economic and convenient alternative to generator powered lighting. RALS will light up ravines, confined spaces, riverbanks... any place your apparatus can’t go.

Depending on the model, features include multiple heads, multi-position deployable masts with 360º rotating heads, and swappable battery (selected models). Using the state-of-art of LEDs, some of Peli’s RALS models feature up to +6.000 lumens of powerful beam of light and offer up to 40 hours of run time.

Made of polycarbonate / ABS and/or polypropylene (depending on the model), these extremely tough portable flood lights, have been tested and proven in the harshest and most demanding work environments by first respondents, military and defense, aerospace, and industrial customers.


peli fuel heat cables noise

Benefits of RALS



Easy to Set Up

Long Runtime

Clean and Safe Energy

Extremely Versatile


Illuminating a Large Variety of Work Spaces

peli insudstrial maintenenance remote area light

+ Rail and Road Constructions and Industrial Maintenance

A Peli RALS is the perfect portable rechargeable light for night-time road constructors or railway engineers. Factories will also benefit from having one of these portable floodlights near, as backup emergency power. For professionals working in hazmat industries, like Oil & Gas Refineries, Fire Brigades or Petrochemicals, the perfect choice is the 9455 RALS approved for ATEX Zone 0.

peli emergency and rescue services remote area lights

+ Emergency and Rescue Services

EMS professionals and aid workers will be able to light up remote areas and emergency scenes in seconds and without the use of obtrusive cables or noisy generators. These ultimate emergency area lighting are extremely versatile and there´s a model for every kind of situation. At just 10 kg, the compact sized 9430 RALS is easily transported when going up stairs or ladders and makes confined spaces easily accessible thanks to its fully extendable mast with 360° rotating light head.

peli police and military remote area light

+ Police and Military

Easy to set up, Peli´s Remote Area Lighting systems, will allow quick deployment of police checkpoints and crime or emergency scenes. Solid-state mounted LED’s coupled with a thermally efficient light engine and a Peli Protector™ case, make the 9470 the ultimate maintenance-free all-terrain portable light tower to get the job done efficiently, safely and on time.

An All-Encompassing Product Line

Built with versatility in mind, this work area and scene light range spans fom the compact single head 9430 (that easily fits into confined spaces) to the four head 9470 (which is capable of turning night into day).

peli 9455z0 remote area light
peli 9455z0 remote area light


Hand-Carry Model

  • 1600 Lumens

  • 10 Hours of Battery

  • Completely Collapsible

  • ATEX Zone 0 (Cat.1) / Class I, Div. 1 / IECEx ia

  • World's Safest Certified Lighting System


peli 9440 shoulder-strap carry remote area light


Shoulder-Strap Carry Model

  • 5300 Lumens

  • Deployable 2.1 m mas

  • Battery Level Indication

  • Completely Collapsible


peli 9470 roll-in-the-case remote area light


Roll-in-the-case Model

  • 24000 Lumens

  • 24 Hours of Battery

  • Battery Level Indication

  • Housed in a Peli™ Protector Case™ equipped with a Telescopic Handle and Rugged Wheels for Ease of Transport


peli 9490 hand-carry remote area light


Hand-Carry/Shoulder-Strap Carry Model

  • 6000 Lumens

  • 24 Hours of Battery

  • Multi-Position Deployable 1,8 m mast

  • Completely collapsible



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