pelican medical electronic case solution

Don't Let Shipping Damage Stress You Out

Peli is the world leader in protective case solutions, earned over a 30 year long journey. Along the way we perfected injection molding, roto-molding and robotic assembly processes to deliver high quality cases consistently. The outcome is our Advanced Case Solution™, your guarantee that every aspect of protecting your medical device is built right in.

pelican medical case testing manufacturing

Case Manufacturing

We supplement our primary case manufacturing plants with 8 regional facilities known as Advanced Case Centers, where many of our customizationservices are available. This allows many of our customers to be directly involved in the design and testing of first article samples.

pelican medical case shock mounts

Metal and Foam Protection

To protect this equipment from impact forces we use elastomeric shock mounts to isolate the metal fixture from the case shell. Shock absorbing foam is available in a variety of densities, which is determined based on the fragility and weight of your equipment. Medical specific foams are compatible with radiation or bleach sterilization, and anti-bacterial foam can block mold and mildew.

pelican medical case electronic waterproof

Electronic Interface

Our cases are the ultimate mobile protection solution for electronic OEM solutions. Installing your controls in a Peli™ case enables its use in any environment, and closing the lid is all it takes to prepare for shipment. Water proof panel frames provide a secure ledge just below the opening line for mounting an electronics dashboard. CAD files are available in most case sizes for rapid engineering. Various bulkhead connectors allow electronic connection even with the lid closed.

A great medical device is only great when it arrives in working condition - our job is to remove that uncertainty. Know what you’re getting into by choosing a Advanced Case Solution™ from Peli

Solutions Delivered

Over 30 years of extreme applications have forged our technical expertise

Peli medical supply endoscope case


The client required a reusable, rugged transport case to safely deliver the equipment to operating rooms. A Peli™ injection-molded 1770 wheeled case was specified due to its watertight, crush and dust resistant properties. Anti-bacterial, closed-cell nitrile foam serves as an equipment tray, leaving the case outside the operating room. The foam can be sterilized repeatedly.

Peli mini x ray custom foam case

Mini X-Ray

This portable X-Ray medical unit is transported around the world via conventional shipping channels. Immediate and reliable performance on arrival is critical to proper diagnostics. A Peli-Hardigg™ roto-molded case with elastomeric shock mounts and redundant foam protection eliminates the risk of in-transit damage

Peli centrifuge custom medical case


A Peli-Hardigg™ roto-molded case and custom foam cushion developed for medical maintenance operations allow the device to be transported in extreme environments. Drop testing using dummy loads with G-force sensors determined the appropriate foam configuration to meet stringent shock and vibration requirements.

Peli dragon radiography system case

Dragon X-Ray

Conceived to be rapidly deployed to mass-casualty emergencies or military forward operating bases, the Canon Mobile Digital Radiography (DR) system folds away to be packed into a Peli-Hardigg™ roto-molded case for long distance freighting by air or truck. On arrival, the unit can be ready for use in as little as 2 minutes.

peli advanced case solutions

Communication + Collaboration

Peli's integrated process flow anticipates your unique protective packaging requirement. Work with our engineers to create the most effective protection for your equipment. Trust our 4 stage engineering process to eliminate logistical risks through evaluation, design and engineering, prototyping and testing, and manufacturing.