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peli pro team ricardo nascimento

Ricardo A. Nascimento

Cinematographer, Filmmaker

Ricardo A. Nascimento has been producing documentaries and commercials as a cinematographer since 2014. Based in Portugal, he has spent a lot of time by the ocean since an early age. While studying mechanical engineering he became interested in photography and started out as a water sports photographer. However, some years later, he broke his wrist and was unable to use his right hand to click the shutter button, so he started shooting videos with a tripod using just his left hand instead. This is when he fell in love with making cinematography. “It’s amazing to meet people that love doing the same as you do along this journey. This profession allowed me to meet who is now my best friend and work partner David Ochoa.” Together, they have directed documentaries such as Agua Negra, which has been sold in over 120 countries.

Along with David, Ricardo has travelled across the world to capture amazing footage that tell stories that inspire people. One of their latest shoots was on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to which one can only access by swimming. “We assembled the gear and managed to shoot until the sun set in one of the most magical places we’ve ever been,” commented Ricardo.

As an underwater cinematographer, his PELI case guarantees that his camera and gear are well protected from water ingress, even when big waves crash overhead!

peli pro team ricardo nascimento cinematographer
peli pro team ricardo nascimento documentary
peli pro team ricardo nascimento pico island
peli pro team ricardo nascimento underwater


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