According to survey results, Peli Cases are the favourite solution to protect drones

More than 100 drone users reaffirm their level of satisfaction with their Peli cases

Published 20 July, 2021, 12:00 AM PST

Barcelona -

Peli Cases are well renowned for being highly resistant to impact, dust, and water. Thus, they are the ideal protective gear to transport delicate objects such as drones. The US Manufacturer conducted a survey to drone users and results showed that the majority of those who use Peli protective cases are much more satisfied than those who use other types of solutions.

Whether for personal or professional use, people who own drones should be aware of how fragile these objects are and, therefore, should protect them with professional protective gear. However, 49% of drone users who participated in this survey confirmed they use basic plastic, textile, metal or cardboard cases, and most of them expressed dissatisfaction with them; these users firmly believe that these kinds of cases are not good enough to travel with and they do not protect their drone as much as a professional Peli branded protective case would.

On a different note, nearly 50% of total respondents affirmed to be lucky enough not to ever have damaged their drone, but that is not a guarantee it may never happen, especially if they do not use a professional case. In fact, 18% of the respondents corroborated that their drones had suffered from water damage, and another 12% affirmed that they had suffered from damage due to dust or sand ingress during transportation. In this context, Peli strongly recommends that drone users protect these devices with one of their professional cases, be it a Peli Protective Case, a Storm Case or an Air Case. In fact, the expertise of their engineering teams in designing protective cases with impact-resistant exteriors and fully customizable interiors adaptable to the drones’ sizes and parts, makes Peli the most reliable option. With that said, all respondents who own a Peli case agreed that they are an excellent product which they would highly recommend.

The global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases also wants to remind owners of other delicate goods that the company produces a wide range of cases with different features and sizes, which makes it easy for them to obtain one that is perfect for their needs.

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