WEEE and Battery Directives

Pelican / Peli's Environmental Sustainability Policy

Pelican together with Peli Products S.L.U. are committed to creating products that (i) are energy efficient, (ii) are highly recyclable and/or reusable; (iii) contain recycled materials to the maximum extent possible, and (iv) contain low amounts of hazardous materials and ozone depleting substances. Peli Products S.L.U. is dedicated to continual improvement in this area through the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System.

Lyndon Faulkner
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pelican Products, Inc.


Peli Products, S.L.U. recognizes the need to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and is fully committed to doing so. As part of our ongoing program of continual environmental improvement, we are reducing the impact that our products have on the environment by ensuring that we comply with all relevant environmental regulations and controls that our products are subject to in the country that they are sold in.

Peli Products is also improving the environmental performance of the products we sell to individual consumers, commercial businesses and professional organizations. In this regard, Peli is in the process of complying with Directives 2002/96/EC (WEEE) and 2006/66/EC (Battery) from the European Union.

Waste Disposal Methods:

  • Peli Products, S.L.U has engaged RENE AG, the largest commercial network for E-scrap in Europe, to assist us in managing our WEEE and battery obligations.
  • Please return any electronic waste or rechargeable batteries to the original point of purchase or any authorized Peli dealer.
  • Material should be disposed of in accordance with current local and national regulations. Contacting a local waste disposal service is recommended.

Useful Links

European Environment Agency http://www.eea.europa.eu

European Commission http://ec.europa.eu

European Portable Battery Association http://www.epbaeurope.net

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) http://echa.europa.eu

RENE AG http://www.rene-europe.com


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