High Stopping Power

Jake Bloomer

I have several of your hard cases for my rifles. This last weekend I was heading to my ranch and I had put my new rifle in the bed of my truck with another case. The truck was pulling a trailer about 8-10 feet off the ground. I’m not sure how, but my case flew out while I was doing about 70 mph, hit the concrete and flipped end over end for nearly 60 yards. I didn’t know it had fallen until I got to my place. A man that was traveling behind me, saw it happen and picked it up. Luckily he was an honest man and I got it back the next day.

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I was really upset because I just had the gun custom made and spent almost $10,000 on it. When I heard he found it I didn’t even want to see what condition it was in because I thought it was toast. That case saved my rifle and prevented it from even getting a scratch!

I will be a lifetime customer for sure, I knew they were tough but I can’t believe it held together so well! Thanks for making a great product.

pelican discover survival story jake bloomer custom gun case survival story


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