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Download the latest Catalogues from Peli Products at!

Peli Products S.L.U., the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases, presents its latest product catalogues and brochures.
If you haven’t received Peli´s new catalogues or brochures yet, you can easily download them from Remember they are available up to more than 10 European languages! If you would rather have a printed version, you can request them from your Peli authorised distributor.

High-Performance Case Solutions

Check the largest offering of Protector Cases™ in the World in Peli’s 2011 Catalogues,
including Peli Cases, Peli Storm Cases and some Rotomoulded products. For a quicker view
you can easilydownload our Peli Case and Peli Storm flyers.

Peli also presents several new brochures with its largest offering of Peli-Hardigg Rotomoulded protection solutions: Single lid Cases and Rack-mountCases for electronics. Also a standard selection of these products are included in the Roto-pack brochure. For more specific
Military users, download the Peli-Hardigg Mobile Armory Catalogue.

The Advanced Case Solutions brochure presents Peli-Hardigg Technical Packaging
Division - with more than 50 years of experience,500 standard sized cases andover 30
engineers – that designs and manufactures reusable shipping and storage cases, and
containersmeeting the most extreme operating conditions.

Peli Advanced Portable Lighting Systems

Check the complete Lights Catalogue with the entire range of Peli’s extensive array of
Advanced lighting tools (almost 60 models, 16 of them ATEX certified)and LED Area
Lights (RALS) for working on remote areas.For a quicker glance you canalso download
the Full line brochure with all Peli Torches on it.

For specific information on the LED Area Lights (RALS),you can also download the
Brochure of thefully portable, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible
Lighting Technology systems.

Also for specific users of both ranges of our products, you will find some applications
for our Cases and the Lighting Systems designed for Law Enforcement and Fire and Safety
users. Both brochures are also available for download at

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