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A unique all-in-one package solution

Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of virtually indestructible cases and advanced lighting systems, launches the 0500 Transport Case, a unique all-in-one package solution. It is the only large case that offers three different possible uses. It can be used as:

• A storage case: It has more than 262 litres of usable storage space. Its external dimensions are 101,4 cm x 59,5 cm x 72,7 cm and internal dimensions 88,7 cm x 46,8 cm x 64,1 cm (LxWxD). Its removable lid can serve as a platform for stationary equipment such as compressors or engines, while the deep part of the case becomes a cover when the case is used upside-down.

• A transport case: It is perfect for transporting and protecting sensitive equipment (such as flat screen displays, hard drive towers, server nodes, air compressor kits, power tools, hazmat equipment, emergency medical supplies, spare manufacturing equipment or trade show equipment). Due to its robust design, the 0500 Transport Case is fully stackable: two cases piled can roll as one.

• A pallet in itself: No pallet, no problem! This case includes a kit of detachable pallet risers - as an optional accessory - that allows easy forklift access. Fabricated cases break when hit by a forklift but a 0500 Transport Case can withstand the impact. Also, the 0500 Transport Case includes two small over-moulded handles on its fully-removable lid and also two double-wide handles on the base (designed for team lifting).

A permanent package solution

According to a study of the European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET), European countries generate high percentages of packaging waste.

The 0500 Transport Case is an ideal transporting solution that helps companies to have less impact on the environment with a permanent packaging solution while saving money and better protecting merchandise.

The 0500 Transport Case has an open cell-core and solid wall construction for durability and a watertight seal for protection against liquids and dust. This is why the 0500 Transport Case has better weather resistance than fabricated cases (which can let in water and sand at the numerous joints), as well as dual integrated automatic pressure equalization valves to protect the contents during air or high-altitude transporting. This superior packaging technology means that it can withstand countless transports, and the products are less likely to be damaged in the transporting process. Additionally, reusable containers quickly cause the cost-per-trip to become less expensive than expendable packaging. High disposal fees incurred by expendable packaging are virtually eliminated. Companies not only save money by not having to replace expendable packaging, but also reduce non-value added labour costs, since there is no longer a need to set up and break down packaging.

The 0500 Transport Case is covered by Peli’s Unconditional Guarantee of Excellence: “You break it, we replace it…forever”

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