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Peli's Advanced Area Lighting Group receives SNCF ecological prize

Peli’s range of Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) was awarded the “Ecological Product Prize” by the French National Railway, Societé National des Chemins de Fer (SNCF). With this Prize, SNCF rewards the continued efforts of Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases, to provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator-powered lights.

The advantages of Peli’s Remote Area Lighting Systems stood out during the maintenance works at the Saint-Lazare station in Paris, where the SNCF replaced traditional site lighting powered from a generator set with different models of RALS.

Peli’s Advanced Area Lighting Group has recently launched the portable, efficient and powerful 9470 RALS to the market.
The 9470 RALS features four fully-articulated LED heads, each containing 24 LEDs (96 total), mounted on telescoping poles that are extendable to a height of 185 cm. The heads, which have dual brightness settings, are powered by a sealed 12-volt rechargeable battery which provides a blistering 8.000 lumens of brightness for seven hours (high-power setting) and 4.000 lumens for 14 hours (low-power setting). Self-contained in the extremely durable 1610 Transport Case, it features a pull handle and transit-friendly, stainless steel ball bearing polyurethane wheels. The 9470 RALS is available in black or yellow.

Environmental and Safety Benefits offered by the RALS range:

  • No hazardous fuels / no fumes: The 9470 RALS comes with a rechargeable battery and doesn’t need refuelling, avoiding the risk of serious accident. Moreover, the 9470 can be safely used in confined spaces since it emits no fumes.
  • No glass components: RALS products prevent operator cuts by not using glass components.
  • Other environmental benefits: 100% recyclable components. Less power used. No lamp replacement.
  • No trailing cables: Potential slips, trips and falls are prevented, which are the main reasons of industrial accidents.
  • Silent operation: All RALS are battery powered and silent in operation. Traditionally site lighting is powered from a generator set and the noise it produces could damage the health of the personnel.
  • Safe: The RALS products are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.
  • Safe to touch: The low operating temperature of the RALS light source prevents potential burns.

Like all Peli products, the new RALS is covered by Peli’s Unconditional Guarantee of Excellence: “You break it, we replace it… forever™”

About the Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG)

The Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG) is a division created by Peli™ Products in 2008 after the acquisition of the company Blue i UK Limited, in order to bring next generation LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to market. The AALG drives primary R&D to bring portable, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible lighting technology to remote and general area applications. Product family: 9430 RALS, 9450B RALS, 9460 RALS and 9470 RALS.

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