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Peli™ launches high level case customisation capabilities as Peli-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions

Targets protection of mission critical equipment in military and commercial/industrial uses

Peli Products has launched and branded its high level case customisation capabilities as Peli-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions. Additionally, they’ve rededicated their innovative, regional custom case facilities as Peli-Hardigg Advanced Case Centers. These Case Centers are the industry’s first and only factory authorised sites offering high level case customisation services.

The Advanced Case Solutions business is dedicated to creating custom protection systems for sensitive, mission critical equipment. These systems are designed to not only protect the equipment in all types of transport situations but to assure that it operates as designed when failure is not an option in the field. “No other case company in the world can provide the variety of equipment protection solutions and expertise that Pelican and Peli can,” said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican Products.

For over 50 years, Hardigg™ Industries provided a high level of case, cushioning, and protective solutions. These solutions have included everything from layered foam cushions to extremely complex metal work and mechanised enhancements. Not only do these solutions supplement the inherent protective properties of Peli-Hardigg roto-moulded cases, but also adapt effectively to Peli and Peli Storm injection moulded cases.

Peli’s Advanced Case Centers are located in the UK and France and offer a full slate of protective solutions. Services offered include high-end CAD design, metal deck work, g-force-rated shock mount systems, advanced foam cushioning and fabricated frame systems.

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