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No cables. No noise. No fumes.

Peli™ Products launches the 9460: a new remote area lighting system that makes work safer

Each year work injuries are reported due to obstacles left on the ground in the building and civil engineering industry, representing many lost working days. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work sites the danger of slips, trips and falls as the main reasons for occupational accidents and stresses that one out of five workers in Europe have to raise tone pitch in order to be heard, which in the long run causes hearing disorders.

Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases, launches a new Remote Area Lighting System (RALS): the 9460. The ideal solution to prevent the most common injuries at work, making work sites a safer, wireless working environment. As with the entire range of RALS products, the 9460 brings portable, secure, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible LED lighting technology to remote and general area applications.

Built self-contained in a tough Peli™ 1510 Carry-On Case, the 9460 RALS features two swivelling telescope masts (each extends to 180 cm) and two 360 degree articulated light arrays. The system’s combined 48 next-generation LEDs and dual power modes (with 2 waterproof switches) offer a beam of light of 4,000 lumens in high power mode and 2,000 in low power mode. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the system offers up to 7 hours of peak brightness in high or 14 hours in low. The RALS 9460 gives the user the ultimate maintenance-free portable floodlight station to get the job done efficiently, safely and on time. Colours available: black and yellow.

Safety and Environmental Benefits offered by the RALS range:

  • No trailing cables: Slips, trips and falls are the main reasons of industrial accidents in most sectors. There are no trailing cables when using a RALS.
  • Silent operation: Traditionally site lighting is powered from a generator set and the noise it produces could damage health of the staff. All RALS products are battery powered and silent in operation.
  • Safe: The RALS 9460 is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.
  • No hazardous fuels / no fumes: This product comes with a rechargeable battery and doesn’t need refuelling, avoiding the risk of serious accident. Moreover, the 9460 can be safely used in confined spaces since it emits no fumes.
  • No glass components: Unlike other lighting systems, RALS products prevent operator cuts by not using glass components.
  • Safe to touch: The low operating temperature of the RALS light source prevents potential burns.
  • Low battery warning indicator: When battery life has come to an end, rather than just suddenly running out of power, the RALS 9460 has a built-in low battery indicator system with 3 warnings over a 30 minute period (10 minute intervals) so the user is never left in the dark.
  • Light weight / manual handling: The RALS 9460 only weighs 23 kg, less than the average of other generator sets, and comes with a handle and wheels for easy mobility.
  • Other environmental benefits: 100% recyclable components. Less power used. No lamp replacement.

About the Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG)

The Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG) is a division created by Peli™ Products after the acquisition of the company Blue i UK Limited, in order to bring next generation LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to market. The AALG drives primary R&D to bring portable, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible lighting technology to remote and general area applications. Product family: 9430 RALS, 9450B RALS, 9460 RALS and 9470 RALS (coming soon).
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