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The 9430 and 9450 from Peli™: sustainable, portable and energy-efficient Remote Area Lighting Systems

Following the recent launch of the Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG), Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of virtually indestructible cases and advanced lighting systems, proudly announces the launch of its new Remote Area Lighting System (RALS): the 9430.

The 9430 RALS features a 15-hour, rechargeable battery and an array of 24, 1-watt LEDs that allow it to produce 2000 lumens of clean, brilliant light for 8 hours at maximum output. The 9430 also offers a fully extendable mast with a 360º rotating head, impact-resistant, polycarbonate lens and a waterproof rubber activation switch.

The first RALS designed and launched in 2007 by Peli was the 9450B, which combines the tough 1510 Carry On Case with a powerful light source comprised of 16 x 1 watt LEDs mounted in an impact-resistant head. All items are stored inside the case and assemble in minutes. The extendable aluminium pole can reach a height of 210 cm to provide 1280 lumens of light for any area. The 9450B RALS is powered by a 17-hour rechargeable battery that offers up to 9 hours of peak light and needs only 6 hours to fully recharge. The 9450B RALS has an Integrated Battery Status Indicator.

These battery-powered portable area lighting systems are harnessing the power, reliability and energy-efficiency of LED technology. They provide multiple hours of continuous light and approximately 50,000 hours of LED life for end-users such as railway engineers, night-time road construction crews and emergency first responder units. The RALS offer users the ability to illuminate large work areas without the fuel consumption, noise and air pollution associated with today’s industrial diesel generator-powered lighting towers that use energy-zapping, outdated light bulb technology.

Although the 9430 and the 9450B are the first two AALG products being delivered by Peli™ Products, the company will unveil additional new RALS models (9460 and 9470) in the coming months. For more detailed information, please check the website . The Remote Area Lighting Systems from Peli are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant and maintenance-free.

All Peli products are covered under the Peli’s Unconditional Guarantee:
“You break it, we replace it… forever™”

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